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Kangaroo Island Ferry Schedule and Prices Review

The Kangaroo island ferry schedule varies on the time of year and visitors.  Throughout business months ferry schedule twelve trips per day and off-season three times a day. The first trip schedule to Kangaroo Island each morning at 8:30 am and departs from Cape Jervis at 9 am morning. This means early morning tour to Kangaroo Island is not big issue. Second ferry trips start next morning and depart at 10:30 am. During off period afternoon and other early morning schedule.

Kangaroo island ferry

The evening ferry trip timetable has only one way trip especially off season. At six in evening leaves at Cape Jervis and leaves Kangaroo Island ferry tour at 7:30 pm night. From this schedule tourist get enough time to explore each and every places. Two to three ships used for ferry trips and provide deck for dolphin seeing including other passengers amenities.

The price tag of Kangaroo Island ferry trips based on whether you are interesting one way or double way trip. Also the trip depends on whether you book online or not. $42 AUD online fare for adult and double way $84 AUD. For regular adult tourists $88 AUD. The Kangaroo Island car rental $22 online and children from three to fourteen years kids and $44 AUD both ways.

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